Budgeting DIY Wedding Centerpieces

There are many great DIY looks but the components can be surprisingly costly.  Our recommendation:  When the budget is tight, start from a budget perspective and save the frustration of starting from a design perspective.    Many of our brides have 25 tables or more to dress for the reception.   The following is a simple arrangement with many variations that can be easily priced.

The Floating Arrangement:

1. Select a container:  cylinder, trumpet, martini, floating bowl, and many others will work.  All of our rental vases and lanterns are on special through end of April for $3 ea.

2.   Select a focal point: flowers, candles

Flowers:   According to Wendy at Wolfe Wholesale,  the following are good for this purpose:

Daisy mums (they are currently $6.50 a bunch and have many flowers on a bunch),

Astimeria,  (they are currently $8.50 a bunch and have many flowers on a bunch),

Spider mums- (they are currently $9.50 a bunch and have 10 stems in a bunch),

Gerber daisies (they are currently $1.45 per stem),

Hydrangeas (white ones are currently $3.50 a stem),

Dendrobium orchids (they are currently $30 for 10 stems.  Ten stems have 50-70 blooms).

3.  Select a Filler-  This could be fresh bear grass, as above, ($4.50 a bunch at Wolfe’s- a bunch is about 3X amount in above pic), other greenery or beads, pebbles, flattened marbles, etc.

Now,  add up the costs:  vase + main component + filler.  When done,  multiply by the number of centerpieces you need.