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The Consultation Appointment

25th Jan, 2014


jarsstraightside2If you are planning a wedding and/or reception and need more than a couple of items, we would like to meet with you before bidding on the equipment you need.  The meeting takes about an hour to an hour and a half…

40′ X 80′ Pole Tent

21st Dec, 2013


We often use the 40′ X 80′ size pole tent for wedding receptions with a guest list of around 200, a buffet meal and dancing. I’ve included a typical layout for this scenario. The round tables will seat 8-10, the dance floor is 15’X15′ and the rectangle tables are for food/beverage service….

Budgeting DIY Wedding Centerpieces

25th Mar, 2013


There are many great DIY looks but the components can be surprisingly costly.  Our recommendation:  When the budget is tight, start from a budget perspective and save the frustration of starting from a design perspective.    Many of our brides have 25 tables or more…

Spiked Sno-Cones

2nd Aug, 2012


I saw an article a while back about a Ritz-Carlton bar that was offering spiked sno-cone treats.  Since then, I’ve seen a number of variations on this idea. For the grown-ups you might want to try:

  • Margaritas poured over sno-cone ice with salt rims on the cups
  • Daiquiri mix…

The Popular 40′ X 60′ Party Tent

28th Jul, 2012


  • Why get a tent?  Most often it’s “Plan B” in case of rain.  But in the summer in Texas..well let’s not dwell on it.  The 40′ X 60′ tent is versatile and popular for social events.   It has only two poles in the center of the tent so it allows for many configurations underneath.  I’m including a couple…

Welcome to my blog!

17th Mar, 2012


We are so pleased to present our newly redesigned website, and also this blog. In this blog, I’ll talk about decorating trends, interesting events we work with, and much more. Come back to visit!

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